It's Easy Being Green (if you're cheap)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I've been flattered - in fact my Inner Miser has been blushing a lot recently - by all the attention my little book has been receiving. Of course it didn't hurt sales that just about the day it was released back in January, the U.S. economy promptly collapsed, ushering in the Era of the Cheapskate.

OK, fine, we cheapskates know how to survive tough times. But I didn't write my book as a survival guide, I wrote it as a revival guide; a way of reviving our non monetary souls and reminding us that there's a lot more to life than money and stuff. Of course, my Cheapskate brothers and sisters understand this and enjoy life more because of it.

But I have to say that one of the most heartening - and positive - responses I've had is from the burgeoning "green" movement. You see, as we cheapskates know, if you're a typical American you can't truthfully embrace the green movement without first accepting that it means YOU need to consume - and spend - less in your own life. We are 5% or the world's population, but we consume more than 30% of the world's resources.

So we of the Cheaphood have always know that we're the Ultimate Greenskates, too, but others in the environmental movement have sometimes been slow to recognize us as such. I guess it's easy for most Americans to think of environmentalism as something that's important for us to promote in the Amazon basin, but not so easy when it comes to accepting that maybe you shouldn't replace that 1970's avocado colored wash basin in your bathroom, since it still functions perfectly.

But here's the good news: Attitudes in the environmental community and public at large are changing. Cheap is the new cool, and it comes in only one color --- a cool shade of green.

As a result, I've locked arms with a number folks involved in the green movement, hoping to bring the cheapskate's perspective on consumerism into the public dialogue about conservation and the environment. To that end, I recently started blogging as the "Green Cheapskate" on the marvelous website The Daily Green. You can read my blog posts at, and I'll be posting the introduction to each new post in this space going forward.

Stay Cheap ... and Get Green!

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