Click Here to Download - It's a whopper, so it takes some time to download. You will need Microsoft Excel and you'll need to click "Enable Editing" to use it.

FRUGAL LIVING: - The Dollar Stretcher webiste - Great advice on all aspects of frugal living - check out their forums, too.

CONSUMERISM: - Center for the New American Dream - A nonprofit membership organization that helps Americans "consume responsibly to protect the environment, enhance quality of life, and promote social justice." From fighting the battle against junk mail, to promoting Carbon Conscious Consumerism, to tips for simplifying the holidays, this group deserves your attention - and your support as a member or donor. - Consumer Reports - I know: Your great aunt won't buy a bra without consulting Consumer Reports first. But - that disturbing visual aside - they really are worth their weight in spandex. Everyone talks about "best buys," but only the nonprofit outfit Consumer Reports does the science. Read their reports online, through a subscription, or at the library, just so long as you read them before making major purchases. - The New Road Map Foundation - This is the nonprofit educational foundation that grew out of the benchmark book Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin (Penguin / 1999). The Foundation offers a variety of programs and other tools for promoting personal financial freedom as a path to community service and social well-being.

VOLUNTEERING / GIVING BACK: - Leading site for hooking you up with volunteer opportunities in your own neighborhood or around the globe. - Helping to connect nonprofit organizations with people interested in working for them, either as paid staff or as a volunteer. - The United Way's site helps you find qualified local and national nonprofit organizations that need and deserve your support.