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Michelle Singletary's Color of Money Book Club Selects The Ultimate Cheapskate's Road Map to True Riches as the February 2008 Book of the Month

"a fun book, full of nuggets about Yeager's frugality ...'Money is relative - it's not a matter of a lot or a little, of more or less, it's all about enough'... Yeager's got the right perspective on penny-pinching." (Michelle Singletary, Washington Post, February 3, 2008)

The Ultimate Cheapskate's Road Map to True Riches Released to Rave Reviews

"Yeager convincingly makes the case that frugality can free more time and cash for life's true pleasures - a passion-filled career, hobbies and giving back to one's loved ones and community." - Publisher's Weekly

"A compelling - and highly entertaining - look at improving both the quality of our lives and the health of our planet by consuming wisely and laughing out loud." - Carl Pope, Executive Director, Sierra Club

"People today think frugality is no fun. Jeff puts the lie to it. Less doesn't mean deprivation - it means less stress, commuting, illness, loneliness and other ills of our 'more is better' and 'it's never enough' culture. Enjoy!" - Vicki Robin, co-author of best seller Your Money or Your Life

It used to be that "stuff" made you cool. That is so twentieth century. The Ultimate Cheapskate's Road Map to True Riches lays out the practices and principles that have made cheap the new cool.

Jeff Yeager, the man dubbed The Ultimate Cheapskate by Matt Lauer on Today, offers his unique philosophy of personal finance, teaching us how to enjoy life more if we're willing to spend less. He will show you how to buy less stuff, retire young, and live financially free, while you make a positive difference in people's lives and save the planet along the way. Yeager's life-changing approach to money is grounded in his personal experience as the self-proclaimed "Cheapest Man in America" and the twenty-five years he spent as a highly successful senior executive in the nonprofit sector.

This totally fresh take on simple living - as practical as it is entertaining and heartfelt - presents realistic ways to economize, live well, and embrace life's joys, all without sacrificing you sanity or sense of humor.

Published by Broadway Books (a division of Random House, Inc.)
EAN/ISBN-13: 978-0-7679-2695-9
224 pages / Trade Paperback Original
$12.95 U.S. / $16.95 Canada
Also available in audio formats from Brilliance Audio ( Read by the author

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